Chung Yuan Christian University

Department of Commercial Design


  • 授課教師:張振明
  • 必/選修別:選修



著眼於學生未來的發展,以及職場競爭力, "設計溝通" 課程將幫助同學,在最低的壓力下學習:
- 設計語彙及常用片語
- 說明自己及他人的設計作品
- 看懂/聽懂設計相關資訊
- 吸收設計相關的概念與新知
- 熟悉西式創意概, 西式幽默, 以及大眾思維.

The purpose of this course is to help students communicate design-related subjects more effectively, in English.

Confidence in Speaking
Half of the curriculum will focus on boosting students' confidence in speaking through broadening vocabulary and practicing to present and critique design works.

Understanding Design Concepts & Trends
The other half of the curriculum will focus on understanding relevant global trends in design and consumer behavior. Students will study articles and watch videos on design, creativity, consumer behavior, social trends, and marketing communication.